Our jewelry is made with quality materials and craftsmanship. It is meant to be worn regularly and enjoyed. Please review the product care guidelines below to give your pieces a happy, long life.


If you need a repair, please contact us and we will determine the best solution together depending on the nature of the repair/damage, amount of time since purchase, feasibility of returning the item to us versus visiting a local jeweler, etc. In some cases, we will repair the item for free, in others there may be a fee.  Each repair will be addressed individually. 



In General:

  • Try to avoid sleeping, showering or swimming with your jewelry. 
  • Remove jewelry when cleaning, crafting, gardening, home-improving - anything that risks exposure to solvents or high impact is best avoided.  

Gold: We use solid gold.  If the piece doesn't have any enamel, pearls or stones, it can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, steamer or simply with a mild soap and water.  A soft toothbrush and running water can be helpful to loosen debris that gets caught in areas of openwork. Whatever method you choose, just be gentle.

Silver: We mostly use tarnish resistant silver. However, over time your piece may lose its shine or show some tarnish, but it can always be restored to former glory. We particularly love Sunshine Cloths for this, but a silver polishing paste and a soft cloth or toothbrush can also do the job. Make sure you thoroughly dry the piece before storing. Anti-tarnish papers and pouches are also helpful for long terms storage.

Brass: Over time, brass may discolor or lose the polish finish. Some people love this and regard it as the natural patina of the material. If you are not one of those people, there are many  brass cleaning pastes and solutions available.  Sunshine Cloths are our favorite cleaning option.

Enamel:  We use vitreous enamel, which is glass that has been fused to a metal surface. It is quite hard and durable, but care should be taken to avoid impact that could crack the glass. Clean it gently with a soft cloth, lukewarm water and mild soap only when necessary.  

Diamonds: Pieces with diamonds can be gently cleaned with mild soap and water, using a soft toothbrush. A jeweler can also steam clean your pieces. 

Pearls: If pearls ever need to be cleaned, use a very soft, dry cloth to wipe them.  If you need to add a little moisture, do not submerge them, just use a lightly moistened cloth.  Take care to avoid pearls when cleaning the surrounding metal with polishing cloths and compounds.