Tumble Leaf Climber, Single - 14k Gold with Diamonds

Color: Yellow Gold
A twisting vine cascading along the curve of the ear. 
  • 14k Yellow Gold (Also available in 18k, please contact for pricing).
  • This climber is only made in one orientation, but can be worn on either your left or right ear. (see photos)
  • 3 white diamonds, (.03 ct total).
  • Long, curved ear wire  that can be gently sqeezed to adjust.
  • Pairs well with Tumble Leaf Stud or Tumble Leaf Ear Cuff.

Ear climbers and ear cuffs sometimes require a bit of adjusting to find the most comfortable way to wear.  The long post on this climber has an curve to it. Pull it through your hole and then turn it in the direction you would like, gently pressing it around your ear.

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