Gwen Barba is a designer based in Los Angeles, California. Her work is inspired by organic forms and patterns, filtered through a poetic sensibility. Rooted in sculpture, she is drawn to graceful shapes and delicate details that invite a closer look. Material choices, like ethereal pearls and vibrant enamel lend color and depth. Refined metal textures and artful finishing reflect a commitment to craft and the spirit of process-driven design.  


Gwen does all the wax carving, CAD and select aspects of finishing in her Los Angeles studio, including enameling. Everything is cast and completed locally, in collaboration with talented local artisans and small businesses. Most of the collection is made to order. While this approach is both practical and more sustainable, Gwen feels it also imbues each piece with sense of intention and artistry, and hopes you feel the same way.

Gwen Barba



Gwen began making jewelry after earning an MFA in printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design. The technical, process-driven nature of printmaking led her intuitively to jewelry making - both disciplines benefit from an iterative approach and a keen sensitivity to how process impacts outcome and sparks new ideas. 

Previous to launching her eponymous collection, Gwen created a small paper sculpture business crafting intricate custom sculptures for clients and events all over the world. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their poorly behaved dog, Cooper.

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