The Poetry of Nature, Form and Femininity

My work celebrates the ebb and flow of life. A fleeting scene of delicate beauty, the shifting seasons, milestones reached and remembered; moments of quiet wonder that we want to breathe in.

Like the remembered lines of a favorite poem, these pieces are meant to become intimate companions. Imbued with symbolism and crafted with love and attention, their meaning is yours to embrace and create. 

Gwen Barba

 Organic and Refined

With solid 18k gold at the heart of my collection, I am drawn to fine materials and artful details that exude an understated luxury; a ring with a secret enameled interior that no one knows about but you, a pearl with a distinctive, evocative shape, a softly textured metal finish that carries the feeling of a unique human touch.  

Intention and Artistry

From my studio in Los Angeles, I bring my inspirations to life with wax carving, computer aided design, distinctive hand-texturing and meticulously applied vitreous enamel. Each piece is cast and completed locally with the support of a close circle of artisans and small businesses. 

When you fall for one of these pieces, your jewelry is crafted just for you. I believe made-to-order is the most sustainable and personal approach. Every piece is chosen and crafted with intention.


 About Gwen

My work is a reflection of how I see the world around me. My eye has always been caught by beguiling details - a perfectly succinct brushstroke, a flower poking through a fence, the dance of an unfurling thread. From the subtle to the sublime, I find inspiration all around me.

Transforming inspiration into art has been a lifelong pursuit, with my formal education culminating with an MFA in printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design. In the years since, I have been intuitively led to jewelry, guided by a love of design, the joy of making, and always with an eye to serene beauty.